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The Purchase

The First ' and most vital 'decision is who do you buy this product
from ? The first company I chose wanted to sell me a rolls royce version, but did
not bother to listen to my plans. So ended up trying to sell me what I asked for
and then gave me a ' FREE ' panel ! which upset all of the plans and proved to me
that they were just not listening.

The second choice was too far down market and I got the impression that if I coughed
at the panels they were about to supply they might blow away in the wind.

Eventually I found a company that did listen to my needs and offerd a sensibly
priced plan, it then went off the rails as my 12 panel plan was slashed to 9 then went
up to 15. However by insisting I knew what I wanted and continuing to talk to the
most important person ' The Salesman ' eventually sanity set in an I got what I
wanted at a competative price.

So Rule one = Have a plan !

And Rule two = If the Company is not listening Complain !
Its your money so let them know.

One foot in the past, one foot in the future

*** Enjoying the present ***

June 2012 Edition

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